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Scuffed Bumper was launched to provide information to people on the common causes of a scuffed bumper and what you can do if you have a scuffed bumper.

A cars scuffed bumper can not only effect the look of your vehicle but can significantly effect the resale value of your can, a car that looks in good condition will be much easier to sell on and can be the difference between selling your car and not selling it. Dont Worry a car body shop is not your only option to repair your pride and joy.

Scuffed bumpers can come from a number of different sources the most common are actually caused by car owners themselves, normally from low hard to see posts or brick walls. However they are not always your fault they can come from other people rubbing their bumper against yours getting in or out of a tight parking spot.

Many people avoid having small bumper scuffs repaired as they think that a full respray or a new bumper will be needed which can cost a lot of money - and if you visit a main dealer or large bodyshop chain this is what they will probably try to sell you.

There is a technique called SMART repair which stands for Small Area Repair Technique that can repair scuffed bumpers, keeping the repair area small. Many SMART repairers such as Grants Paint ShopVehicle Cosmetic Repairs and North West Mobile Bodyshop operate as a mobile service who will visit you home or place of work and repair the damage on site, however there are some repairers such as The Dent Shop who offer a static workshop service offer SMART repairs.

Car scratch repairs and car dent repairs are also suitable for reparing using the latest repair techniques.

Don't foret to vist the SMART Repair Map at to find your local SMART Repairer.

Dented Bumpers

It is not just scuffed bumpers that can be repaired, dented bumpers can also be repaired also again using the SMART repair technique. Dents can be manipulated and put back into shape and painted if needed again to a small local area keeping price to a minimum.

Dented bumpers are becoming more and more common especially as their are now more 4x4's and people carriers on the road which seem to hit the bumpers in just the right spot to push them back.

Scratched Bumpers

Scratched bumpers are often from putting things in and out of the car boot or from deeper damage from the causes mentioned in the scuffs paragraph above. Scratches are also repairable and can be fixed for a low cost.

Scuffed Alloy Wheels

Scuffed alloy wheels are also a common occurance and really let down the visual apperance of your car. There are many different services available to you to have these types of scuffs fixed there is the mobile repairer, the fixed location same day service or some companies even alloy you to send your wheels to them, these type of service normally require your wheels for a week. Alloy Wheel Refurb really can make a huge difference to your car, a damaged wheel can make a nice car look like a wreck. If however you wish to repair your alloys wheel yourself there are companies such as Alloy Paints who allow you to buy all the equipment and consumables you need to be able to repair your own wheels. Many people also find that they need to replace their tyres at the same time, companies can come to your home to replace your tyres also for example you can have mobile tyre fitting glasgow come to your home and supply and fit brand new tyres.

What People have to say about SMART Repair

I had some damage on one of my vans, I needed a fast low cost repair so I contacted my local SMART repair company and they gave me an excellent repair for very little money. Jamie Cole

We had to return one of our vans and it had some minor damage, we knew if we returned it in it's current state we would be fined so we got a SMART repair company to fix our van, the repair cost less than the lease company would charge us and it was a quick repair, I was so impressed I even booked in a repair on personal car as well. PK Plumbing and Heating - St Albans

I had a dented bumper corner and my local car bodyshop told be I needed a new bumper, fortunatly my friend told me about SMART repair I was shocked how good the repair was and that the colour matched so well, I am a SMART repair convert! - Mr Davidson.

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